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Training on Development of Modular Training Programs carried out by an international expert in the MLSPP

Training was carried out by an international expert on modular methodology Claude Vassamillet in the framework of “Development of Social Protection Project: Modular Training Programs in 2010-2012” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Population of Azerbaijan Republic and the World Bank.

At the four day training participants were informed about concepts of curriculum development criteria, implementation of modular structure, improvement of modules for reflection of global trends in occupations or choice of modules for development of new occupations and writing of global and specific goals for modules. At the same time participants were also informed about use of assessment criteria for identification of strength and weaknesses of modules, improvement of modules according to assessment criteria, use of traditional education and training methods for development new skills and improvement of existing skills, etc.

Local specialists involved in development of modular training programs and employees of the project implementation group attended in the training. 

For additional information it should be noted that, the Project intends development of modular training programs for 30 most demanded occupations of the labor market, support for establishment two new vocational training centers and development of proposals for improvement of legal-institutional frame and monitoring systems. 

Note: Modular training is established as an alternative to traditional training and covers all existing advanced pedagogical theories and experiences. Modular approach is a process of vocational training taking into account actual demand of skills and knowledge by labor market and training needs of individuals and supporting trainees to gain practical and social skills and knowledge for functioning according to certain standards demanded for employment or self-employment.