Seft Consulting

Training was carried out by an international expert on modular methodology Claude Vassamillet in the framework of "DSPP":

Modular Training Programs in 2010-2012” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Population of Azerbaijan Republic and the World Bank between 10-14th of April 2012.

At the five days training course, firstly, participants have reminded analysis of modules designed by participants, modular curriculum design concept, evaluation criteria and indicators by means of briefly reviewing previous three phases, because of current phase was the last fourth phase. Then, after getting information about goals and methodology of training program, participants have worked on exit profiles with carrying out individual and group practical works and applied evaluation criteria for determining their weak and strong points. With reviewing video records of mini-lessons carried out by trainers as an individual and groups, trainers have analyses evaluation criteria and simulation works for preparing practical observations and analysing trainers’ behaviour. 

12 local specialists involved in development of modular training programs and employees of the project implementation group attended in the training. Participants awarded with certificates at the end of training.