Seft Consulting

Study visit to Croatia

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population participated in the Study Visit on “Governance and Management of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) in Croatia” organized in the framework of EU funded project to “Support to Implementation of National Qualification Framework in Azerbaijan” on December 03-07, 2018.

Representatives from the Education Institute under the Ministry of Education (ME) Mr. Anar Naghiyev and Mr. Nijat Huseynov, from the Accreditation Office under the ME Mr. Tofig Ahmadov, from the Vocational Education Agency under the ME Ms. Aytan Huseynova, from the Occupational Standards Division under the Ministry of Labour Ms. Shalala Mardaliyeva and from the NQF Project Mr. Ilkin Nazarov participated in the Study Visit on December 03-07, 2018.

The main objective of the Study Visit was Familiarisation of main stakeholders with Croatian experiences in development and implementation of Croatian Qualifications Framework. Expected results were i) to gain new knowledge and insights into the education system in Croatia; ii) exchange of experiences, thoughts and ideas related to the process of creation and implementation of National Qualifications Framework, in order to improve the Azerbaijan’s teaching and training system; iii) to gain information about various national stakeholders in Croatia and their role in the education system; iv) to gain information about the forms, methods and types of cooperation in the implementation of NQF, including vertical and horizontal communication with other institutions.

Participants have conducted fruitful meetings during the Study Visit with i) Ministry of Science and Education, ii) Agency for Science and Higher Education, iii) Ministry of Labour and Pension System, iv) National Centre for External Evaluation of Education, v) Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, vi) Croatian Chamber of Commerce, vii) Croatian Chamber of Crafts, viii) Croatian Employers Association, ix) VET School for medical nurses Mlinarska, x) University College Algebra.

“Support to Implementation of National Qualification Framework in Azerbaijan” project is funded by the European Union to assist the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan through the provision of technical assistance. The main objective of the project is to enhance the quality and relevance of the education and training system in Azerbaijan supporting economic diversification, creating opportunities for lifelong learning, and fulfilling the Education Development Strategy in line with European and international best practice. The specific objectives of the project are i) To ensure effective implementation of NQF; ii) To introduce relevant education standards in pilot sectors; iii) To ensure education standards support competency-based education provision; iv) To improve access to lifelong learning through flexible provision, alternative progression pathways and recognition of prior learning; v) To improve assessment and QA of assessment and certification processes; vi) To provide effective information and guidance for employers/sectors, providers and learners to use the NQF. The 30-months project is implemented by GOPA Worldwide Consultants as lead consultancy company in a consortium with British Council (BC), European Project Management Ltd (EPM) and SEFT Consulting.