Development of occupational and training standards

  • Assess current situation on occupational classification/standards;
  • Develop/update Occupational Classification;
  • Elaborate and improve occupational standards;
  • Prepare training standards;

Development and delivery of training programs, including modular, vocational education and youth training programs.

  • Policy research on modular skills training
  • Training needs assessment
  • Assess labour market demands by professions


Social Consulting

  • Development of occupational, qualification (including competence units) and training standardss;
  • · Development and delivery of training programs/curricula, including competency-based modular, vocational education and youth training programs;
  • Development of competency-based training materials;
  • Delivery of competency-based trainings;
  • Development of Labor Market and Promotion of Employment;
  • Improvement of Active Labor Market Programs;
  • Development and improvement of occupational safety and health standards;
  • Quantitative and qualitative research on poverty, human development, migration, VET, social partnership (PPP), social protection and labor market/ employment;
  • Institutional, legal and financial basis for qualification system, qualification framework, Lifelong strategy, Validation of Prior Learning (VPL);
  • Policy research and impact assessment on social protection and employment;
  • Development of Social Performance System;
  • Career Guidance and Counseling;
  • Adult training and education;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Improving education and health services;
  • Improving financing of education and health care;
  • Development of business opportunities in education and health sector.

Financial Consulting

  • Carry out Researches on
  • Financial Issues;Financial Literacy and Consumer Protection;
  • Training on Financial Education and Human Resources
  • Development;
  • Advisory services on Corporative Governance;
  • Risk management;
  • Advisory services on development of credit, security and leasing market;
  • Improving Social Responsibility in financial institutions;
  • Application of innovative tools in financial sector.

Economic and Institutional Consulting

  • Conducting policy research, feasibility study, impact assessment;
  • Carry out Market Study (survey, in-depth interviews, focus group etc.);
  • Promotion of Rural (including agriculture) and Regional Development;
  • Elaboration of Investment Projects and Business Plans;
  • Business development services;
  • Promotion of Small and Micro Enterprise;
  • Promotion of Investment & Export;
  • Trade Facilitation;
  • Public Administration Reform and Institutional Development;
  • Human Resource Development, including establishment of Remuneration Systems;
  • Development of Performance Management Systems;
  • Development of Public-Private Partnership (PPP);
  • Sustainable Development and Good Governance
  • Development of Local Self-governance.

Technical and Legal Consulting

  • IT Development Services;
  • Design Program and website;
  • Development/Design and Improvement of Management Information System (MIS);
  • Development and improvement of legislative framework, using international best-practice;
  • Management of Projects;
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects;
  • Translation and Publishing Services;
  • Organizing Conference, Seminar, Exhibition.

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