SEFT consulting is a consultancy company concentrating on social-economic development. Our consultants have been involved in the supply of services and transfer of knowledge for 15 years to more than 10 countries in Eastern Europe and the Central Asia. We work, in close cooperation with public and private organizations, on social, economic, financial, institutional, IT development; improvement of infrastructure of the labor market, training programs on social-economical areas. Environmental protection/management and gender issues are of the cross-cutting sectors during the implementation of the projects.

Our target is to serve governments of developed and developing countries, international development/financing agencies, and private enterprises. SEFT Consulting can provide the specialists required for any type or size of project, from the project formulation stage to project execution and supervision of work.


SEFT Consulting is an equal opportunity employer. We seek talented professionals for challenging local and international assignments. Our projects require individuals with knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries and consulting services. We hire consultants on a short and long term basis. We maintain a databank of specialists interested in short or long -term assignments. If you wish to send your CV or update the information in your CV, please contact our HR-Manager. Please use the standard European CV format or other CV format, which can be obtained below.

Curriculum Vitae Form used by SEFT Consulting


Because we're looking out for your success. And because we are STRONGSTABLE and SAFE.

We are specialists in consulting & research services on social, economic, financial and technical/legal areas for public and private sectors.

We ensure:

A drive to understand your business and create customized, creative solutions for your organization's issues
A fresh perspective based on years of experience and cutting 
Strength in transforming what appears to be chaotic into simple and systematic data, information, and processes
Extensive experience managing large projects in complex situations with many stakeholders
A commitment to tell clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear
Proven solutions that provide measured results
A partnership where we become a seamless part of your team

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We are able to provide you with proficient project planning/management and experienced national and international experts.

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